Are you an artist at Winzavod? Use the artwork inventory software of GalleryTool for free!

At GalleryTool, we are dedicated to supporting educational and mentorship programs in the visual arts. Our goal is to spread a professional artwork management approach which can help you succeed in your career.

To move this idea forward, we teamed up with Winzavod on a brand-new initiative which enables you to access our artwork inventory management software for free.


What can you do with GalleryTool?

  • Keep track of your artworks and contacts in a more efficient way so that you can focus more on your art
  • Create artwork lists and export them into beautiful catalogs in PDF format
  • Share your artworks on social media or via email with a click of a button

Upcoming feature: Create your own portfolio page with a few clicks and showcase your art online – COMING SOON

How can you start using GalleryTool?

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1. Upload artwork photos to your art inventory

Getting started with a new artwork inventory management software can be challenging in case you have a lot of information to upload. GalleryTool provides you with multiple ways to upload your artworks into your account as fast as possible.


2. Track the location of your artworks

Location is particularly important information to add if you want to avoid losing artworks.


3. Track your exhibitions

Whenever your artworks are exhibited, keep track of their exhibition history in your artwork database. Grouping and sorting your artworks by exhibition will make your inventory management more efficient.


4. Group artworks and export them to PDF catalogs

Boost your sales by sending customized lists of artworks in PDF format to your gallerists or customers. Choose among different PDF templates to guarantee the best appearance.


5. Share artworks on Social Media or send them via email

Being present on social media platforms has become indispensable to raise awareness about your art and sell your artworks online. Share your artworks with your audience on multiple digital marketing channels to build your brand and generate more sales.


6. Track ownership status and contact details

In GalleryTool, you can assign artworks to your collectors. This will enable you to give more personalized offers based on previous purchases.


Did you have any questions? Or did you get stuck at any step?
Drop us an email at! Our Budapest based team is eager to help you!