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The art of coding: the development of an art inventory software – interview with Gergő D. Nagy

Gergő D. Nagy, a fresh graduate software engineer, joined GalleryTool’s (GT) developer team 2 years ago. While initially working on GT’s first version, Gergő and the team were already laying down plans to make the software even more user friendly for gallerists and artists. 

“The first version of GT worked for about 1.5 years,” he says, “…and it served all basic requirements, but eventually, considering our many clients’ growing needs, we had to come up with better software solutions. This is when I got to step in, and together with my team, developed GalleryTool’s latest version,” explains Gergő.

Gergő loves his new assignments and the out-of-the-box thinking GT cultivates. The creative atmosphere at GT encouraged Gergő to try out new things. “It’s been a constant learning process for me. I had to find new solutions for continuously arising questions, and there’s nothing like ‘necessity’ to take you to new heights. At GT, we’ve been consistently developing new software features to meet our clients’ latest needs” he adds.

“Our biggest challenge to date has been to maintain the continuity of our software, so that GT 2 is always up-dated and user-friendly. The key, I found, is to have enough resilience to get around any hitch and to follow through consistently with fast solutions. By exercising a bit of creativity, we can make any software more productive and much easier to use”.

At present, Gergő and the team are working on some exciting new features (soon-to- be-released!). With just a couple of clicks, for example, GalleryTool users will soon be able to turn their existing artwork portfolio into a personalised website.

Gergő is an IT programmer and technical consultant, currently living in Switzerland. To find out more about Gergő’s other innovative projects, please visit:

Author: Marta Balla

About Marta Balla

Marta lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. She graduated from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), Spain. She holds an MA specialized in painting and art theory. She has exhibited in solo and collective shows in Croatia, Hungary, Israel, Mexico, Spain and the US.  She is also involved in curating and social art projects, and has been invited to international conferences to talk about her art and process.  She teaches traditional painting techniques nationally and internationally. She is also an art therapist, using different artistic expressions and storytelling in the therapeutic process. Marta has been practicing aikido, a non-violent Japanese martial art for 15 years. She has been engaged in contact improvisation dance for 3 years which lead her to more exploration in performance art.