How to edit artwork images in bulk

Editing and uploading artwork images into a database in bulk can be a difficult and lengthy process. Whether you are using a professional camera or a simple cell phone, you need to edit the pictures in almost every case.

What does that mean for you? Cutting the image, adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation. Doing all that one by one is a pretty tedious task. You may ask yourself at this point: how do I make this easier for myself?

A wide range of image editor softwares are available from the Internet, but most of them do not offer bulk edit features. Although Photoshop does have the option of bulk correction, it is quite complicated to use – not to mention the price of the software.  

We would like to introduce 3 simple and free applications to help you overcome this problem easily:

Oldie but goodie: Microsoft Picture Manager 2010

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a free downloadable program that allows you to edit your pictures without any limit to their amount. You only have to download Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 from here, select ’Customization’, and then ’Picture Manager’ in the ’Installation Type’ phase.

After launching the program, you can load existing folders from your machine. If you set files to thumbnail view, you can easily select the ones you want to edit. After that you can choose from among the features: you can resize the images, adjust color depth or cut them to the same size at the same time.

The only disadvantage of Picture Manager is that it has ceased to receive development support in 2011, but it works just fine until this day.

– Bulk editing available for an unlimited amount of images
– Freeware
– Internet connection not required

– Does not receive development support since 2011

For both Windows and Mac users: Batchphoto

Batchphoto is compatible with Windows and Mac both as an online and a desktop application. It can be easily accessed at Its features are pretty similar to those of Microsoft Office Picture Manager; however, the desktop version is not free, while the online application requires internet connection. A trial version is available in which bulk editing can be done in three easy steps.

– Bulk editing available for an unlimited amount of images
– Compatible with Windows and Mac
– Online and desktop versions available

– The trial version puts a watermark on the images
– No free desktop version
– Free online version requires internet connection

Online editor: Bulkresize

If you don’t have to edit the quality of the images, you are also able to use more simple online editors such as Bulkresize, which is available at

– Bulk resize available

– Requires internet connection

These useful tools will reduce hours of work to minutes, while uploading artwork images to your database can be easily managed with the bulk upload function of GalleryTool.

Ágnes Koller 
Curator of cARTc Gallery,
Program Coordinator of Budapest Art Week