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How digital is your art business?

We all know that digital technologies have reshaped the way how you – as a gallerist or artist – communicate with your audience. Many digital tools are easily available to create your brand identity, raise awareness about your art and sell it online.

Online art market in continuous expansion

According to Art Market 2019 report, online sales accounted for 9% of the value of global sales of art and antiques, reaching an estimated total of $6 billion. In the meantime, another report – The State of Digital Marketing and Sales by Artsy – stated that only a few galleries are confident about their digital strategy.

Digital Readiness Quiz

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Going online with your art

In our experience, each art business should go through different stages to build a successful online appearance. It is not just about selling artworks on e-commerce websites but creating consistent and engaging customer experiences on multiple platforms.

We believe that knowing where you stand now in this process is an important starting point to take your art business to the next level. Therefore, we created an online quiz to assess your digital maturity level by answering a few simple questions. The quiz aimed to cover all the important fields which can have an impact on your digital activities.

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