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How to get the most out of art fairs with art gallery management softwares

Taking part in an art fair as an exhibitor is always exciting. After you set up your space, you can’t wait to welcome the first visitors who are interested in your artworks. People finally stop by your booth for a glimpse and many of them start to chat about artworks and artists. These conversations are the best starting points to convert art fair visitors into your customers. However, most of them don’t buy on the spot, they leave a business card or just an email address to get more information about their favorite artworks.

My latest art fair, the ARCO Lisboa, gave me an interesting insight when I came across a gallerist friend in the coffee bar. She was in rush because a few dozen new prospective customers were waiting for her email with detailed information about one or more artworks. In the meantime, new visitors were continuously coming and she could gain only a few free minutes to deal with those emails next to a good coffee. She used a tablet without any specific art inventory management software that could help her pull the required information together and send them out.

To execute the following steps she had to switch among several apps uncountable times.
– Copy/paste an email template and customize it
– Find a proper image about the requested artwork and attach it to the email
– Insert the related description and price list

Even though the process did not seem very complex, it turned to a real struggle because of the previously mentioned app-ocalypse. In case you use multiple apps, you can expect many workarounds to get things done. What can you do to avoid these situations? Using the right tool technology can definitely help!

Art inventory management softwares enable you to sell more
by sharing tailor-made information about your artworks

Nowadays, art inventory management softwares can offer you a handy solution to store, organize and share information about your artworks. During an art fair you can easily search among your artworks based on their title and other properties. You don’t need to spend a lot of time by looking for all the information from different sources such as spreadsheets, documents and image libraries.

In case of GalleryTool we take into account all the possible daily situations a gallerist can face with. If you want to send information about artworks to your customers, you can select multiple items and add them to a list that can be exported in PDF format. The whole process requires a few clicks and you get a tailor-made artwork list based on your customer’s needs. Check out the GalleryTool quick starter guide to see how easy it is.


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