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Building the next generation of artwork inventory management software

Recently, I interviewed Bence Ujlaki, co-founder of GalleryTool (GT). We talked about GalleryTool’s successes, appearance on the international market and future plans.

When a drink with friends turns into something special…

Bence, an IT professional and economist, was introduced to Pál by his father-in-law while having some beers. (See a previous interview with Pál Sándor Tóth, co-founder). At the time, Bence was working on other startup projects. But he was excited about Pál’s idea of creating an Internet-based artwork management application and joined the team in 2016. Since then, he has been managing digital marketing and business development areas at GT.

Absolute client focus

In my conversation with Bence, he emphasized that GT’s aim has always been to provide its clients with personalized attention to make their art business more successful. The client’s feedback and suggestions help drive the development of new software features. Bence also shared that GT takes security seriously to protect the sensitive data galleries manage. On GT’s secure platform, one account can have several users, which can be set to have different level of access. This empowers their users to collaborate, while keeping their information secure.

Pál and Bence, founders of GalleryTool

Going international

Right from the beginning, GT wanted to build an international client base, regardless of its initial local market. Bence excitedly told me about their recent success at an American investment summit in Washington, DC that GT was invited to by the U.S. Embassy. Stepping into such an important and expansive market could help them grow and further develop. Bence proudly shared that GT was highlighted in an annual analysis report of the newest art software applications, carried out by an independent Belgian market research company.

Education is key

Bence emphasizes that the team believes in an interconnected and supportive artistic scene, where galleries, managers, artists, art institutions, and art students closely work together to create a better professional environment. The team has already been collaborating with national art educational institutions, art residency, and mentorship programs, to bolster successful art career development. Currently, they are looking for opportunities to expand their partnerships internationally.

Future perspectives

Bence envisions GT will be among the top 5 artwork management applications of the future. They are continuously developing new features to take the lead on the digital transformation of artwork management. The team is excited to continue building new relationships with investors and international art market experts who can support GT’s exciting growth.

Author: Marta Balla

About Marta Balla

Marta lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. She graduated from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), Spain. She holds an MA specialized in painting and art theory. She has exhibited in solo and collective shows in Croatia, Hungary, Israel, Mexico, Spain and the US.  She is also involved in curating and social art projects, and has been invited to international conferences to talk about her art and process.  She teaches traditional painting techniques nationally and internationally. She is also an art therapist, using different artistic expressions and storytelling in the therapeutic process. Marta has been practicing aikido, a non-violent Japanese martial art for 15 years. She has been engaged in contact improvisation dance for 3 years which lead her to more exploration in performance art.