Advanced user guide

This guide would introduce some of the advanced features you can find in the latest GalleryTool version. If you’re familiar with the basics from the Quick starter guide, this is the right place to continue your journey towards a more efficient artwork management. We hope that it will help you deal with huge quantity of artworks and their promotion.

  1. Bulk edit of artworks
  2. How to duplicate artworks
  3. How to export artwork details in Excel sheet
  4. Customize fields to manage artwork details
  5. User account administration

Bulk edit of artworks

Probably you often need to add new information to many artworks at the same time. For example, all pieces of the same series have the same medium, size or price. It would take time to upload all the information one by one. In this case, the bulk edit feature can help you do it fast and easy.

  1. Select items from your artworks
  2. Click on the ‘Bulk edit’ button at the top menu just appeared after the selection
  3. Modify any of your artwork data
  4. Save it

How to duplicate artworks

Uploading artworks with very similar details can be a monotonous and therefore boring process. Why don’t you duplicate the first one and modify only those details which are different. This feature let you upload series or almost similar artworks more efficiently.

  1. Select items from your artworks
  2. Click on ‘Bulk edit’ button at the top menu just appeared after the selection
  3. Select ‘Duplicate’ button
  4. Modify the details of the duplicated artwork

How to export artwork details into Excel sheet

You can easily export artwork details into a spreadsheet which enables you to execute more sophisticated calculations in Excel.

  1. Create a list
  2. Assign artwork to your created list
  3. Click xls export
  4. Choose details that you want to appear on the list
  5. Download your Excel list

Customize fields to manage artwork details in your user account

We don’t want to overwhelm you with a myriad of data-entry fields. You have the choice to customize these fields based on what is important for you. It’s easy to set up on your profile page.

  1. Click ‘Profile’ menu
  2. Choose amon artwork fields
  3. Save your settings

Manage who can gain access to your system. Invite assistants, editors, researchers

As an administrator of your GalleryTool account, you are able to manage who can have access to your data. We offer 5 different types of user role such as owner, coworker, editor, uploader and researcher to make sure that you can grant the right access to your colleagues.

  1. Click ‘Members’ menu
  2. Click invite members
  3. Write her/his email address and choose a role

If you need further help, please reach out to us directly in email: